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28 November 2011 @ 07:45 pm
10 Things I'll Never Say  
Photobucket Contemplating my existance

1. I resent you for what you've done to me.
2. I seriously think I'm emotionally deficient. I cry at the wrong times and I remain silent
when I shouldn't
3. I care more about most people more then they care about me.
4. I am better than this.
5. I know you think you aren't good enough for me, but I always thought it was the other way around.
6. I love you with everything I have. I hope that's enough.
7. I daydream that I have a greater importance in everyone's life.
8. I feel guilty for the things I think about.
9. I really wish this list was more eloquent and had some kind of order.
10. I told you I would survive if you were gone. Truthfully it would be the end of me.