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12 February 2007 @ 11:12 pm
I haven't posted to my personal journal in forever. I just got back into LJ recently because I finally have a break from college work. I've mostly been just updating and fixing my graphics journal so this one has been neglected. Well on a different note...

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09 July 2006 @ 03:50 pm
I haven't updated this thing in forever mostly because I haven't had time. My horse is randomly lame again and we still don't know whats wrong with him. I have Mass. in a few weeks so I'm hoping he will be sound enough to go. Thats pretty much all that has been going on lately. And don't forget to visit sight_seeing
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04 April 2006 @ 10:53 pm
I have kind of lost interest in the interent and really everything lately. I went to the doctor this mornig because I felt really bad and kept almost passing out everywhere. I couldn't really stand at all. They thought that I may have mono again so I probably have to get blood taken sometime. I feel fine now so I hope it isn't anything, but I may feel like crap again tomorrow. It doesn't really help that I have this philosophy paper due thursday. I decided to write it on something from Buffy. I figured I would do modernism vs. postmodernism in season 4 but I'm having trouble writing 5 pages on it. I really don't feel like I know enough about it so now I'm pretty much just making up shit.
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24 March 2006 @ 11:42 pm
OMG works sucks ass. I want to quit so bad but then I would have no money.

I just got a new car though. Fucking Mazda 3 bitches, it kicks my Intrepid's ass. Well now my friend has affectionally named it the shitrepid. It suits it better.
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16 March 2006 @ 04:56 pm
So I was flipping through the channels last night, and I stopped on Fox for some reason, and this show The Loop was on. I think I'm in love with it. I barely even heard of it before but for some reason I just couldn't stop watching it. The main character is so amusing, and the humor is brilliantly strange. The only thing that sucks is its on during Lost and Veronica Mars. I can barely decide which one of those to watch half the time already. Damn you Fox.
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12 March 2006 @ 09:42 am
So I've been thinking lately that I would like to just have a personal journal. I really would probably like to make this one my personal and start a community graphic journal. But I really don't want to be the only one posting to it. I would like to have 1 or 2 other people as well. If anyone out there is interested and feels we are around the same basic artistic level please reply to this post. It would be great if you could include some of your favorite icons you have done, but really all I need is a link to graphic journal if you have one. Thanks!
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09 March 2006 @ 10:21 pm
Simple coloring tutorial. Beginner level. Program used photoshop CS

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23 February 2006 @ 04:50 pm
This is a requested tutorial not really a formal one so if you have any questions or something is unclear just ask. Not to hard pretty much a beginner tutorial unless you are thoroughly frightened by curves. Program used Photoshop CS.

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18 February 2006 @ 12:10 am
I have some old headers I will never use again so they are free for anyone to take. Credit is nice but you don't really have to I don't care to much. The shiri appelby one was made for a pretty large layout feel free to resize it. If you need any help with installing and finding good places to get overrides just ask.

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  Theres no numbers learn to count.
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07 February 2006 @ 10:08 pm

Icons featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Smallville.


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